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TitleArticles in Easy, Understandable English for ESL Learners (view sites with similar title)
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Articles in Easy, Understandable English for ESL Learners. English-Online. Articles in Easy, Understandable English for Learners.
Home. Search. A-Z Topic Index. Print Topic. Links. Contact. Topics. Home. Art and Architecture.
Biology. Culture and Traditions. Current Affairs. Economy. Education. Entertainment.
Environment. Geography. Government and Politics. Health and Medicine. History. Hobbies.
Literature. Mathematics. Media. Music. People. Places. Religion. Science. Society.
Sports. Technology. Tourism. Travel. News Articles. World. Business and Economy. Environment.
Travel and Places. Science. Technology. Sports. History. Living. Religion. Education.
Health and Medicine. People. Entertainment. Art. Videos. World. Environment. Travel.
Welcome to English-Online.The Internet has tons of information but the articles printed there are not always easy to read.
This website is specially designed for learners of English.The articles are carefully chosen and ...

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  1. Home
  2. Search
  3. A-Z Topic Index
  4. Links
  5. Contact
  6. Art and Architecture
  7. Biology
  8. Culture and Traditions
  9. Current Affairs
  10. Economy
  11. Education
  12. Entertainment
  13. Environment
  14. Geography
  15. Government and Politics
  16. Health and Medicine
  17. History
  18. Hobbies
  19. Literature
  20. Mathematics
  21. Media
  22. Music
  23. People
  24. Places
  25. Religion
  26. Science
  27. Society
  28. Sports
  29. Technology
  30. Tourism
  31. Travel
  32. World
  33. Business and Economy
  34. Travel and Places
  35. Living
  36. Art
  39. The Titanic - An Unsinkable Giant
  40. The Falkland Islands
  41. The Olympic Games
  42. London
  43. The American Presidential Elections
  44. Stress
  45. Nuclear Power
  46. Earthquakes
  47. Tsunamis - Killer Waves
  48. Muammar Gaddafi - Revolutionary Leader of Libya
  49. The Sudan Crisis
  50. Facebook
  51. Introduction
  52. Causes of World War II
  53. The Rise of Adolf Hitler and the NSdAP
  54. Blitzkrieg and the Battle of Britain
  55. Battle of the Atlantic
  56. The Holocaust
  57. Operation Barbarossa - The German Invasion of the Soviet Union
  58. Attack on Pearl Harbour - America Enters the War
  59. D-Day - Allied Invasion of Europe
  60. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Japan Surrenders
  61. Life During World War II
  62. End of World War II
  63. Key Figures of World War II
  64. Results and Aftermath of World War II
  65. Europe's Oldest Town Found in Bulgaria
  66. Porto - Portugal's Second Largest City
  67. Green Energy for Denmark
  68. Moscow - Touring the Russian Capital from the Moskva River
  69. Oasis of the Seas - The World's Biggest Cruise Ship
  70. Cubans Find Thier Love in a Harley Davidson
  71. Camel Trading in India
  72. Carbon Footprint
  73. India
  74. Neanderthals Early Humans in Europe and Asia
  75. Vaccines - Antibodies That Protect Us From Diseases
  76. Skydiving - An Extreme Sport
  77. Hong Kong
  78. Fish
  79. The Atlantic Ocean
  80. Monuments and Memorials
  81. The Mediterranean Sea
  82. The Himalayas
  83. Kashmir - Conflict Region Between India and Pakistan
  84. Refugees
  85. Television
  86. The Northwest Passage - Sea Route Through the Canadian Arctic
  87. Society and Life in the 1960s
  88. The Silk Road
  89. Floods
  90. The Rolling Stones at 50
  91. The Roman Catholic Church
  92. The Sahel Zone
  93. Route 66 - Mother of American Roads
  94. The Watergate Scandal
  95. The Loch Ness Monster
  96. World War I
  97. Myanmar - Moving Towards Democracy
  98. Golden Gate Bridge - The World's Most Famous Suspension Bridge
  99. Mosques
  100. Joseph Kony - Uganda's Rebel Leader
  101. Cloning
  102. The Rastafarian Movement
  103. Asthma
  104. The Vatican Museums - Masterpieces and Other Great Works of Art
  105. Marine Biology
  106. The Taliban - Former Militant Leaders of Afghanistan
  107. The Third Man
  108. Amusement Parks
  109. Impressionism
  110. Factory Farming
  111. Banks and Banking
  112. Smart TV - Television and the Internet
  113. Solar Storms - When the Sun Erupts
  114. Hoover Dam - Flood Control and Electricity for the Southwestern USA
  115. Jeans - History and Popularity of Great Clothes
  116. The Bermuda Triangle - Facts and Myths
  117. Peacekeeping - The United Nations Blue Helmets and What they Do
  118. Andy Warhol - Icon of the Pop Art Movement
  119. Arab Spring - Rebellions Spread Across North Africa and the Middle East
  120. National Parks
  121. History and Life of Pirates
  122. The Simpsons - American Life in Cartoons
  123. The Everglades - Wetlands of North America
  124. The International Space Station
  125. The American Flag
  126. Thalidomide - Malformed Children of the 50s and 60s
  127. Vladivostok - Russia's Gateway to the Far East
  128. Cyberbullying on the Rise
  129. AlpTransit - The World's Longest Tunnel
  130. The Alps - Europe's Highest Mountains
  131. Mammals
  132. Roman Gladiator - A Brave Fighter in Ancient Rome
  133. Credit Rating Agencies
  134. The Tea Party Movement
  135. Edgar Allen Poe - Literary Critic, Poet and Story Teller
  136. Yuri Gagarin - First Man in Space
  137. Vietnam War
  138. Child Labour
  139. James Cook - Explorer and Navigator
  140. Cotton - A Natural Fiber
  141. The Nintendo Wii
  142. Coral and Coral Reefs
  143. Weather and its Elements
  144. The Orchestra
  145. Are We Ready for E-Books?
  146. Second Life
  147. Twitter
  148. Dreams and Dreaming
  149. Geometry
  150. World Population
  151. Sharks
  152. Arab - Israeli Conflict
  153. Houses and Homes
  154. Ozone and the Ozone Layer
  155. Organic Food and Farming
  156. Ludwig van Beethoven
  157. Water - The Most Important Liquid on Earth
  158. The Biological Clock
  159. Physical Fitness
  160. Slavery
  161. Ancient Greece
  162. European Union
  163. New York
  164. Skyscrapers
  165. Airports
  166. Nutrition
  167. The Middle Ages
  168. Stocks and the Stock Market
  169. The Vikings
  170. Tropical Rainforest
  171. Climbing Mount Everest
  172. Rice - Asia's Most Important Crop
  173. The Internet
  174. Motion Pictures
  175. Native Americans
  176. Cities
  177. Russian Revolution
  178. Light and Optics
  179. Global Economic Crisis 2008
  180. Discover Australia
  181. French Revolution
  182. Theatre
  183. Cars
  184. Athletics - Track and Field
  185. The Atmosphere
  186. Atoms and Elements
  187. Air Pollution
  188. Palestine Becomes UN Observer
  189. Turkey Allows Schools to Teach Kurdish
  190. Sudoku The worlds most popular number puzzle
  191. Gangnam Style Spreads Korean Music on YouTube
  192. Desertec - Solar Power from African Deserts?
  193. Voyager Spacecraft Continue to Fly on in Outer Space
  194. The Changing Face of South Africa's Townships
  195. Barack Obama Wins Re-Election
  196. Canada Starts Printing Plastic Banknotes
  197. New Software Helps to Predict Crimes and Catch Criminals
  198. Scientists Sentenced to Prison for not Predicting L'Aquila Earthquake
  199. How the Web is Changing Africa
  200. Facebook Reaches One Billion Users
  201. Asians Immigrate to Canadian Pacific
  202. London 2012 - A Review of the Summer Olympic Games
  203. Venice Citizens Protest Against Cruise Ship Tourism
  204. New York Bans Large-Sized Sugary Drinks
  205. Elephant Poaching on the Rise in Africa
  206. How Coca Cola Spread Throughout the World
  207. Natural Gas - An Energy Alternative for the Future?
  208. Islamic Travelers in Search of Muslim-Friendly Hotels
  209. World Records - Why Do Athletes Keep Breaking Them
  210. Animals and Shifting Magnetic Fields
  211. Japanese Manager Tells Employees to Learn English
  212. How Long Can a Human Survive Without Food and Water?
  213. Dar es Salaam - City Growth Out of Control?
  214. Weibo - China's Version of Twitter
  215. Bots Help Manage Wikipedia
  216. Why Finland's Schools Are So Successful
  217. Have scientists discovered the Higgs boson?
  218. New Gold Rush in Peru
  219. The Shard - A New Skyscraper in London
  220. James Bond Movie Franchise Celebrates 50th Anniversary
  221. Famine and Drought Endanger Millions of People in Eastern Africa
  222. Jamaican Athletes Are the World's Best Sprinters
  223. Social Media Networks are Changing Our Way of Having Relationships
  224. Mass Tourism and Overpopulation Endangers the Ecology of the Galapagos Islands
  225. The Changing Role of Doctors and Health Care in the 21st Century
  226. Scientists Discover Plankton under the Arctic Ice
  227. Japan Shuts Down All Nuclear Power Plants for the First Time in Almost Half a Century
  228. Astronomers Use New Methods in Search of Life in Our Universe
  229. US Defense Department Tries to Account for Missing Americans
  230. Boys Do Bad at Schools in the Persian Gulf
  231. How Chinese Inventions Changed the World
  232. Economic Revival and the End of Mining Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone
  233. High-Speed Internet Connections on Airplanes
  234. Honduras Has World's Highest Murder Rate
  235. Teaching Children How to Deal With Money
  236. Running the Marathon - Health Risks
  237. Georgia Builds New City on the Black Sea Coast
  238. Future of Advertising with Digital Technology
  239. China's Communist Party Celebrates Ninetieth Birthday
  240. Change In Earths Rotation May Have Caused Ancient Global Warming
  241. Kiribati in Danger of Disappearing into the Pacific Ocean
  242. Fukushima's Effects on the World's Oceans
  243. Hollywood Director is the Second Human to Explore the Deepest Parts of the Ocean
  244. Human Beings Caused Changes in Australia's Plant and Animal Life
  245. Encyclopedia Britannica Stops Publication of Printed Edition
  246. Mark Twain's Autobiography Published One Hundred Years After Writers Death
  247. Dingoes - How Dangerous Are They ?
  248. Plastic Bags - What Are the Alternatives?
  249. Financial Crisis in Ireland
  250. Skiing Resorts Offer More Alternatives and Pleasure
  251. Dispute in the South China Sea
  252. Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean Came From Australia
  253. YOTEL - Tiny Hotel Rooms in the Middle of Manhattan
  254. Experiment Suggests Two-Phase Sleep is Natural
  255. Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea
  256. Amasia - The Earth's New Supercontinent
  257. Oldest Copy of Mona Lisa Discovered at the Prado Museum
  258. Young Italians Are Leaving Italy
  259. Triathlon - A New Sport For the Middle Ages
  260. Brazil Prepares For Tourist Boom
  261. Last Flight For NASA's Space Shuttle
  262. Beatles' Music On ITunes At Last
  263. Mass Tourism Threatens Venice
  264. How E-commerce is Changing People's Shopping Habits
  265. The West Outsources More and More Jobs to Eastern Europe
  266. The Super Bowl - Final Game of the Football Season
  267. Golden Future for London's Olympic Park
  268. Baby Boom in the Chinese Year of the Dragon
  269. Amnesty International - A Fifty Year Fight for Human Rights
  270. East Africa Hit By Severest Drought in 60 Years
  271. Millions of Muslims Go On The Hajj
  272. The Digital Camera and How it Changed Photography
  273. Shell's Floating Gas Platform Will Be the World's Biggest Ship
  274. The End of Harry Potter - But Pottermania is Still Alive
  275. ANC Celebrates 100th Birthday
  276. Chinese Luxury Goods Want to Compete With the West
  277. Samoa Skips Day and Crosses International Dateline
  278. CIA Gave Nazis Protection After World War II
  279. Adermatoglyphia - People Without Fingerprints
  280. Brussels - The Chocolate Capital of the World

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